Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Friday

This week was interesting...

Monday - went to court for my traffic ticket. Showed my photos, explained my case, but the officer said "she did not stop at all, at the sign or at the corner". Guess who the judge believed? I had to pay the fine but also have to attend traffic school so the points don't go on my record. I have never been to traffic school. I am sure I will have some interesting things to say about that.

Also started a new class on Monday evenings at UT - Fundamentals of Photography II. It's not a credit course but the non-credit photography program is very popular at UT and the classes fill up quickly. In fact, this is a new class and they had to add an additional night due to the number of people interested. Most of the classes are 15-20 people. The class I am in on Mondays has over 30 people and the Tuesday class has over 40. Many of the people in my class are previous classmates so it's kind of fun to see everyone again and catch up on how they are using what they learned.

On Tuesday evening, I delivered the photos for my first paying photography job. I took photos of a troop of Girl Scouts a week ago. They were seniors in high school and had all been together as a troop with the same leaders since elementary school. One of the mom's thought it would be nice to have a group photo of all the girls and their leaders so she called me. She had seen some engagement photos I had done for a coworker of hers. All the girls were wonderful and we ended up doing individuals with each girl and her mother. They all turned out really well and everyone was quite pleased. I need at least one of those a week and this part time photography thing might just pay for itself!

No family drama, no work drama, just a boring quiet week. Don't ya love those?


Ruth D~ said...

Gorgeous dogwood. Doesn't look like you need a course. I'd love to hear how you plan to star a little freelance photog business. I'd like to do something similar.