Monday, April 7, 2008

Geeks R Us

Yesterday, I finally got up the nerve to participate in a Knoxville Flickr Meetup Group. For the uninitiated, Flickr is a social networking site for photography. There are groups that form and many cities have "meetup groups" that schedule times that the local members can meet as a group at various locations to take photos, hang out, have dinner, etc. Then they post the photos they took and compare to everyone else's.

I have been a member of the Knoxville group for about 7 or 8 months. I post photos to the group site and make comments but have never joined in one of the meetups. Till now.

I am trying to push myself into areas in which I am challenged. I can be shy and tend to hang back around people I don't know. The thought of walking into a group of folks and saying "Hi, I'm Tere, let's hang out" kind of makes my palms sweat. But I decided to overcome and jump in. I said I would be there.

It was decided that we would meet at Norris State Park which contained a waterfall, gristmill, and threshing barn. Plenty of stuff to photograph. Usually the number of people meeting up is around 3-4. This time there would be a record number of 11. I was to be one of them. I went back and forth all day Sunday. I had to do laundry. I wasn't dressed for waterfalls. But in the end, I got in my car and drove.

"Hi, I'm Tere, are you guys with the Flickr group?" They all had cameras of course. We joked about knowing each other's Flickr names but not our real names. We took lots of photos and then a few of us went to dinner. We all posted our shots today and commented on each others. It was really fun to see that we were all in the same place but our photos are all VERY different.

I know more people in Knoxville now. People I don't work with. People with whom I have something in common.

So I must admit . . . "Hi, my name is Tere and I am a photography geek. And I meet up with other photography geeks from the internet." And that's okay with me.


calimountainmama said...

Oooooh! Nice pic! I wish I was there!

Wanda said...

I think that is extremely exciting. Three of us bloggers that live in my area have met for's a great idea!!

Ruth D~ said...

Gorgeous shot. We have a Boston group, but I haven't gone. Someday, maybe.