Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fully Frontal and All That

Tonight I went to see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" - funny movie. But I was a little unprepared. I have grown used to seeing women's breasts, butts, and other body parts in these types of movies. Rarely am I shocked. Last year, my daughter and I went to see "Good Luck Chuck" and both of us were quite surprised to see sex scenes that left little to the imagination and lots of Dane Cook's butt. Mostly we just engaged in nervous laughter and comments about how we never knew Dane was in such good shape.

Tonight, 5 minutes into the movie, the lead character's girlfriend breaks up with him just as he is coming out of the shower. He drops the towel. They show EVERYTHING. Like 5 or 6 times showing everything. EVERYTHING!!! Standing up and bending over everything. It is quite hilarious but also a little gross. The movie also ends kind of the same way with the lead character, nude with his, ummm, not his hat, in his hand.

So after the movie, that scene seemed to be the talk of the viewers as I eavesdropped on the way to the car. The guys were all a little freaked out but laughing. The women were not impressed but thought it was funny. (Gotta tell ya, I WAS impressed!) And that got me thinking. Why is a nude woman sexy and a nude man funny? Why is it okay for a semi out of shape, average looking Joe to bare all his body parts but the semi out of shape, average looking Jane gets nude on screen and we consider her sad? We are just not used to seeing men nude but men are the ones that seem totally comfortable being that way all the time. We rarely see nude men, especially frontal, on film. Should we?

I am thinking this through trying to determine how I feel about it. What do you think?


Ruth D~ said...

Good questions, and I don't think I have the answers.

We're used to seeing naked women and not men, but I've always felt that was sexist and unfairly geared to the men's leering factor. But then as you say, women don't leer at naked men.

Maybe the bottom line--no pun intended-- is that naked is no big deal and we should just get over it.

Ya, right!