Thursday, April 10, 2008

10 Things You Don't Know About Me, First 5

I can choose what I want you to know about me. Not that I hide a lot, I am pretty much an open book. But there are things you don't know because I only tell very close friends or family members. Or it's just straight up embarrassing. So I am now taking you into my circle, sharing secrets with you. Beware, it's a scary place!

1. I don't know how to blow my nose. Truly. I think it began when I was very young and had horrible ear problems. I was supposed to pinch my nose closed, hold my breath, and "blow out" my ears. It hurt!!! Since then, anything regarding blowing and noses has been off limits. So now, since I don't know how to do it, I just wipe.

2. I am a closet organizer. No, I don't organize closets, I am in the closet. I am a "stacker" and "pile creator" which deceives you into believing I am a disorganized slob but I love to organize things. My office/scrapbook room is usually where I get my fix. I can spend a weekend taking everything out, rearranging, and reorganizing. My clothes are organized by category and sometimes also by color. My money is filed in my wallet in ascending order of monetary value. I guess it could be summed up as organized chaos.

3. I love purses. I have spent the majority of my adult life looking for the perfect purse. The older I get, the more the criteria are fine tuned. It must have interior dividers - remember the organization thing? There must be an outside pocket for easy access to my keys, cell phone, and blackberry. It must be large enough to carry all my stuff - wallet, checkbook, business cards, journal, other wallet containing all my discount cards, my digital SLR camera, etc. - yet it cannot be a suitcase. That one always makes it tough. And it has to be cute and fun. I think I may have found "the one". I was in Chicago and my friend and I went into a Fossil store. The girl brought out her favorite and I fell in love. This one, even if it is not "the one", will have to work for at least 5 years because that is the most I have ever spent on a purse in my life!

4. I buy lottery tickets when I travel then spend the money in my head while driving. I think I have this down to a science. I don't play the lottery that often but if I won, I know who I would give money to and how much, what I would buy, what kind of house I would have, how long I would continue at my job, how I would spend my time, the type of charitable foundation I would set up, and more. I figure if I have it all planned out ahead of time, when I win, I can get right to it.

5. I have a list of what I am looking for in a soul mate. It's not a list of what I don't want - it is a list of about 75 characteristics that I want in a man. I really want to get married again. Not so much that I am actively dating or looking for marriage. It's not about being married, it's about being with the right person. I miss companionship, phone calls to say I love you, shared experiences. So I am looking. And I will find him.

Join me tomorrow for the next 5 things you don't know about me.


Wanda said...

Oh Tere~~ I never know anyone but my self that is so #2. I love to organize my clothes by color. I wear a lot of skirts ~~ they are in the closet by color with the top that matches, and the sweater or jacket I want to wear with it!!

I also love purses!

I can blow, but I not a good sneezer ~~~ it a wierd sound.

I'm one of the lucky ones...I found my soul mate 47 years ago, and I'm keeping him!!

This was a fun post and I feel like I know you a little better now...and I really like you a lot.

Ruth D~ said...

Purses? Not so much for me. I've downsized and pretty soon may go the ATM card in the pocket route. :>)