Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's The Little Things . . .

I attended a group meeting with the State Department of Ed last week. I had decided in my mind as I was driving to the location that it was going to be difficult. I work in a highly regulated business that is not terribly profitable. Usually these meetings end up costing us money and involve additional paperwork.

I was not sure of where I was going and plugged the address into my GPS. In my overcompensation for time, I left early and as a result, arrived about 30 minutes early even after stopping at Starbucks for a venti latte.

The location was at the campus for the Tennessee School for the Deaf. The security guard directed me to the very back of the campus. As I drove through I noticed the beauty and the stillness of the surroundings. It was much larger and prettier than I expected. I made my way to the back area and parked outside the building in which the meeting would be.

I rolled the window down and reached for my Ipod. But then I heard the birds. And crickets. Maybe not crickets - I think they come out at night - but it sounded like them. There was a slight breeze. The pear tree and the bushes were flowering. The air smelled so fresh. The grass was so green. I put down my Ipod. I sipped my latte. I closed my eyes and listened.

And the irony of where I was did not escape me. I said a quiet thank you for my gift of hearing. And I reminded myself to appreciate the beauty around me and to be thankful for it. To stop and listen, not just to the Ipod or the radio, but to what's going on around me.

I went into my meeting calm, with a better attitude. It went well. And so did my day.


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful photo.
I have really enjoyed reading your articles.
Sometimes if you just stop and think, it does make you appreciate what you have more.

Ruth D~ said...

Don't you love moments like that? Free time, really, if there is such a thing. Time to just "be." Wish there was more of it, or maybe it's up to us to make that kind of time.

calimountainmama said...

You weren't "overcompensating" at were right on time. :)