Saturday, March 1, 2008

Battle of the Bands

My daughter's boyfriend, Chase, plays in a band. He plays the bass guitar. He and his friend, Donald, were recently part of another band. About a month ago they joined up with two other friends and formed a new band called Whiskey Tenor. They play their own songs and are learning some covers. Their first "gig" was Friday night at Battle of the Bands. Here is the link to the first song they performed "Diesel" on YouTube. Their second song is also there. Chase is in the middle, wearing the red hoodie.

So . . . THEY WON!

How cool is that?

Chase is very talented. He is self taught and plays the guitar, bass guitar, and mandolin. His favorite is the bass. But he plays it like a six string guitar, not like a bass. He sits in my living room many nights and just writes songs.

My daughter was so proud of him. I was too. He works so hard and to see success so soon after the band formed is very encouraging for him.

And I had fun! I sat with Chase's parents and we have decided that we are getting old. Most of the bands were pretty good but there were a couple of screaming punk metal bands that caused us to cover our ears. It looked like a Saturday Night Live version of High School Battle of the Bands! I like all kinds of music but I didn't like that. When one of the guys swung the guitar around his neck, it flew off and sailed across the stage, crashing to the floor. Then while his band members flailed about and screamed, he tried to fix the damage and re-tune his guitar. I was laughing so hard I was crying. So I guess I am getting old. But that's okay with me.

So congratulations Whiskey Tenor. Congratulations Chase. We are proud of you.