Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Someone, Even Yourself . . . Please

I watched the Today show this morning as I was getting ready to go to work. As I drove to my office this morning I listened to a couple of different stations. Valentine's Day is apparently very difficult for some people.

Several times, I heard statements like:

"I don't have a Valentine."

"Even if you don't have someone to enjoy Valentine's Day with . . . "

"If you are looking for a Valentine . . ."

"I am anti-Valentine's Day"

People, come on! What have we done to Valentine's Day? We have turned it into another day of judgement and self-criticism. Stop it! Right now!

Remember when we were kids? You carefully selected your Valentine cards, or if you were crafty, made them, in anticipation of handing them out in class. You made sure that the "best" ones went to your special friends. You hoped your secret crush would know that you really meant what was on their card. You counted the number of cards you got in your mailbox - a carefully decorated, heart covered shoebox with a slit on top.

It was a fun activity that reminded us of the importance of friendship and letting others know we cared.

We can do that with anyone on Valentine's Day. I get my kids little goofy gifts and boxes of candy. I try to do something nice for them.

This morning, I got up at 5:30am (have I shared just a few times that I am NOT a morning person?) and made homemade heart shaped muffins and scones before my daughter left for school. I set out special plates that had I Love You written all over them. I put diced peaches in a small paper cup, sprinkled heart candy on top, and stuck a heart skewer in the middle. I laid out a box of candy, a heart covered plastic duck that lights up, and a pair of heart covered socks. Then I woke up my daughter, who is not a morning person either. It was fun. It made her feel good. It made me feel really good. And if I had no child or special person in my life, I would have done it for myself, although not at 5:30am.

The Valentine's Day after my husband died, I came home that evening to the most special gift I have ever received. My children had cut out construction paper hearts - red ones, pink ones, white ones - of all sizes. They had taped the hearts all over my bedroom walls, on the vanity mirror, on the window. There were probably 60 or 70 hearts. It was the coolest thing. And guess what . . . six years later, they are still on my walls. You can see them here.

This day is about Love. Stop focusing on the negative and what you don't have. Focus on the LOVE. Do something for someone else. Or yourself. Just stop whining.


Ruth D~ said...

Oh, yes! I agree. Still, there is something commercial and contrived about the day. But love . . . 365 days, not just Feb. 14.