Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Used To Dance

"There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them" Vicki Baum

I read this quote in a magazine this morning. It made me think. I grew up dancing. The photo is me at 4 years old. My grandmother and my mom had taken cheesecloth and wrapped it around me to make a "dress", tying it with red ribbon. I was wearing those plastic high heels that all little girls had, red of course. I was a dancer.

I took ballet classes from the time I was 5 until I was 12. I can't say that I ever really loved ballet but I did like it. I also took a year of tap and a year of jazz dance.

I loved to watch American Bandstand for as long as I can remember. The dancers all looked so grown up and they were sooooo coooooool. As a preteen, my friends and I would get in the living room, put on records (remember records?) and dance around the room. Later, during the disco phase, my teenage friends and I practiced The Hustle and the dances of John Travolta and friends. We went to the monthly high school dances and showed off our moves.

I don't really dance any more. I am not really a club girl. I recently looked into tap and hip hop dance classes but I think I might be a little to self conscious about that route.

But I still love to dance. So I think I will. I will dance when I am alone. I will dance when I am in my car. I will dance in my living room.

If you see me, don't call the men in the white coats . . . I am just taking a shortcut to happiness.


Wanda said...

Love, love, love this quote!!!

I agree with you all the way, and you were darling in your little cheesecloth dancing dress and plastic shoes.

Everyone should dance whether they know how to or not.