Thursday, February 7, 2008

For Real?

When I fly, I listen to my Ipod. It keeps me from focusing on all the craziness around me.

Last night, it didn't work. Maybe there was just too much and the crazy filter got clogged.

When I connected in Memphis, the flight to Knoxville was delayed for only a few minutes to wait on the crew that was inbound.

After 20 minutes . . . "Ladies and Gentlemen, the crew is here, we aren't sure where they are, we think they stopped to get something to eat."

In my head, I said, "For real? Oooooooh that crew is going to be mad that you said that, Ms. Gate Agent".

The crew arrived and we boarded. The pilot announced, "Sorry we were late. We figured since we were late anyway, we needed to get something to eat and what's a few more minutes, right?"

For real? Did he really say that?

Still waiting to push back, the young couple in the seats across the aisle from me are discussing their relationship. I hear bits and parts. The girl, who was wearing overalls, appeared to be very young but she was obviously old enough to have taken college psychology. "All the signs point to the fact that you are depressed." Then it was mumble, mumble something I couldn't understand. "You never share your feelings with me". Mumble, mumble. "That's why I don't trust you".

In my head I say to her (I have lots of confrontations with people in my head) "For real? You are going to do this on a plane? With all these people around?"

Next to me, the young man is focused on his crossword puzzle. He sighs. He sighs again, with exasperation. He looks at the answer in the back of the book. He sighs again. The pilot makes an announcement that we are waiting for some reason to push back and Exasperated Puzzle Guy sighs again, loudly. Is he frustrated because of the flight delays, the puzzle, or the couple next to us? I am not asking.

I wish I was sitting next to the older gentleman a few rows ahead with shaggy gray hair and the Harley shirt. I have this thing about longer hair and motorcycles.

Overall Girl said "How do you feel about that?" Boyfriend put on his headphones.

I laugh. I have to write all this down. I get out my notebook and pen. We take off. Finally. I put my headphones on and turn up the Ipod.

After a violently bumpy landing, I am very thankful to arrive home. It is almost midnight.

On the way home, I am driving quietly through a quiet neighborhood. I stop, turn right and go to the next stop sign. There are red and blue lights flashing in my rearview mirror. For real????

She said I ran a stop sign. No, I didn't.

"Not this one, the other one."

"For real?"

"Yes, for real."

I took the stupid ticket. Again, the confrontation in my head went something like this: "Why would I stop at one stop sign and not the other? I always stop. Maybe not for 3 seconds but I stop. I am going to court over this one! Who is she protecting? It's midnight on a Wednesday night in a quiet suburban neighborhood. What the heck? I know I stopped!"

For Real!!!!


Ruth D~ said...

This is an awesome post. So "real."

You go fight that ticket.

Wanda said...

I did I enjoy reading this "For Real"...I came by as I saw you on Ruth's post...and know if you like Ruth, I'd like you.

Yes, fight that ticket!!!

Tere said...

Thanks Ruth. I am going to fight that ticket! And thanks Wanda for stopping by.