Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why I Love Scrapbooking

I love photography. I love the creativity and the challenge of it. I sometimes struggle with the technical side but I am getting better. The picture of my daughter at left is NOT an example of getting better. The lighting is bad and I did not adjust the white balance to compensate for the fluorescent lights. My daughter's friend is partially in the picture and sideways. There are many other technical things wrong with this picture. I probably would not share this one with my fellow Flickr photographers. But I love it.

That's why I love scrapbooking. It takes the pressure off the photography side. Yes, it is always better to use a good picture. But scrapbooking is about the STORY behind the picture. It is forgiving.

This picture is one of a series of 6 photos that I took of my daughter while she got a tattoo on the inside of her foot. Please don't email me and tell me how stupid I am for letting my daughter permanently deface her body. I already know how stupid I am. At least her tattoo was well thought out and meaningful. She got 2 small stars, one for each of the people she loved that died. A blue one for her Dad and a green one for her Mammaw.

The six photos begin with the first time the needle touched her foot and progress as the tattoo becomes a part of her. Her expressions range from innocent surprise to her lips pursed in preparation of a "wirty durd" that cannot be said here. They are priceless.

Today I spent several hours at my local scrapbook store with friends. I worked on the pages for this series of photos. It was fun to share the story and her expressions. And to preserve the story forever in our scrapbook.

One day when my grandchildren see the pages with these photographs of their mom, they will laugh. And they will be able to know why she got her tattoo. But I bet they won't discuss the ways I could have adjusted the white balance. Hopefully!