Thursday, January 3, 2008

Personal Obsession

Look at my pretty, pretty shoes. I love them. I told the kids that all I wanted for Christmas was Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. They came through even though I don't think they fully understood how serious I was. There are people out there that have hundreds of pairs, all different. If you check the internet, there are hundreds of styles and you can even get them custom designed. I am not there yet. But I do love them for the expression they allow.

The history of my obsession:

Sometime in the 70's - white Converse all stars, low tops, worn with overalls. Then I also played basketball in blue and white leather Converse high tops.

Sometime in the 80's - red high tops, worn just hanging out. I dressed my son in them in every color. He was a toddler, what could he do about it?

2005 - black high tops. I bought them for Casey to wear with her bee costume but they "became mine" soon after halloween.

2006 - Pink, shiny, quilted. I wear them all the time. One of my favorites.

2007 - White with red and black flowers and cherries. That pair re-ignited the obsession. For Christmas, my team bought me the ones that are black with white and hot pink flowers and cherries, the ones that are burgandy and tan plaid, and the white ones with multi colored patchwork. Zack got me the red and white gingham with red and white flowers.

I work in a professional environment for the most part. Only rarely can I wear these to work. But I wear them on the weekends all the time. And I still want more. I have a list. It's a sickness, really.