Monday, January 14, 2008

Lessons About Yourself

It's amazing what seemingly insignifcant events can do to teach you things about yourself. Like computer problems. Everyone has them. But I learned several things about myself this weekend, some of which I am not proud.

To explain I believe I will share the lessons and then why I learned them.

Lesson 1: I am a tech geek. Not a new lesson really. I worked on a computer and software help desk for several years and then trained users on software and computers for another few years. My background is in education, not information technology and I am by no means a computer wiz. But I understand computers and how to deal with them. Most of all, I am not afraid of them. So when my daughter's laptop messed up I worked on it. I spent the better part of a weekend on it, then put it aside over the holidays. In the meantime, my desktop, with all my photos and all of our music (4 Ipods in our family!) on it started acting up a little. Got that taken care of Saturday. Then I worked on the laptop again Sunday most of the day. I finally gave up and, yesterday afternoon, took the laptop to Best Buy to be nurtured back to health by the Geek Squad.

Lesson 2: I am impulsive. I originally bought the laptop for our family so we could take it with us when we travel. Casey quickly took it over as "hers". I have long wanted my own laptop and with the desktop almost full of photos and music, I decided yesterday that I would get my daughter's laptop fixed and I would buy a new laptop for me. I deserve it. I need it! Really! I want to use it for photography which would free up the desktop for all of our music files. So before I went to Best Buy, I ordered one online for pickup at the store. Just for me!

Lesson 3: I spoil my daughter. So Best Buy was pretty sure the motherboard of our laptop was fried. We can pretty much pinpoint the time back in November that it probably happened. I called Casey and told her. She sadly told me okay and we moved on and talked about what I would buy at the grocery store. While I was still in Best Buy getting ink for my printer, I thought about it. (Thinking . . . ) I was going home with a new laptop and "hers" was too expensive to fix. In fact, it would cost more than a new one to fix the old one. Hmmmmm, more than a new one? Hmmmmm, let's look at the new ones that are on sale. Oh, look! A great sale. And with her enrolling in college and possibly moving out soon, she will need a computer. And it would be the last one I would buy. And it is cheaper than the one we are replacing but a better computer. "Mr. Best Buy Guy, can you add this laptop to my total?"

Lesson 4: I am optomistic. I really really hope my bonus comes soon!

Lesson 5: This is what I look like when I am trying to figure out a new computer. My new laptop came with a webcam. As I was discovering all of it's features, I realized I looked pretty goofy. So I took a picture with the webcam.