Friday, January 11, 2008

Glad To Be Home

It's been a long week. I haven't had one of those in a while. I have not blogged since early last week. It feels like forever. But this is a busy time of year at work and that makes things busy for me at home also. This week, it was all about planes, training, and playing catch up.

I was asked, along with a coworker, to do some training in Chicago. I love to train. I am a trainer by nature. But I haven't done formal training in a while. So it took a little extra preparation and I had to wrestle with a copier that hates me, but I got everything done by Monday night prior to flying out on Tuesday morning. The copier still hates me but I left it in working order. For now.

I need to thank the Weather Gods and my guardian angel because January in Chicago could have been ugly. On Monday, there were tornadoes. They were predicting snow and ice for Thursday and Friday. So we were there on the perfect 2 days - 50 degrees with only a periodic drizzly rain. Thank you Weather Gods and guardian angel!

The training went very well and I think the trainees went away better able to do that part of the job. I think that's why I love training. You get to provide knowledge that allows someone to succeed in their job and that makes their lives easier. Love that!

Since I returned home, it hit me in the face that I needed to pay bills, buy groceries, and prepare for a meeting coming up in which I have to do a huge presentation. This presentation occurs, thankfully, once a year, in front of executives 2 and 3 levels above me. If this was school, it would be like a test worth 75% of your grade! Since I am more of a relationship style manager than a numbers manager, I really have to prep for the numbers pieces. Got to get on it.

But what I would really rather do is to sit with my feet up and drink a yummy, steamy cup of coffee like in the picture. I think I will.


Ruth D~ said...

Your last paragraph-- "and then it hit me"-- hit me. Don't you hate those jolts of responsibility?

I messed up your comments to my blog. For some reason I'll call "lack of focus" I rejected them when i meant to post them. i copied your remarks and added them anyway with a link to your blog. But if you want it done right, send 'em again and I'll make sure they make it.

I aminterested to hear more about your relationship with the Dash woman. That is so cool.