Tuesday, January 1, 2008

And Ringo Was His Name-O

This is Ringo. He is a German Shepard/Australian Shepard mix. He is a FREAK!!! He belongs to my daughter. He makes me crazy. She was not supposed to get a dog. I threatened. We already have many dogs:

Sanka - our first dog and we all love her. She is a black lab/dalmation mix and the sweetest dog ever. We raised her from a 5 week old puppy and she is the best. She is 10 years old.

Colby - we got her for the kids for Christmas a year after we got Sanka. She is a golden retreiver and she was about a year old when we adopted her. She is like a bull in a china shop and stubborn as all get out. She is 10 years old and was supposed to be the last dog.

Zsa Zsa - Zack got Zsa Zsa when he turned 18. She is a yorkie/poodle mix. He moved out and she went with him. He moved home and she came back with him. Now he moved out again but Zsa Zsa is still here!

Liza - She belongs to Zack's friend Chris. She is some kind of maltese mix. We were just going to keep her temporarily until he could get into a place that would allow pets. Yeah, right. A year later, still here. I keep saying I am taking her to the no-kill shelter but always manage to allow myself to be talked out of it.

Cleo - We got her from the shelter when Zack worked there. She is a pomeranian. She was going to be classified as unadoptable because she was older (about 10 years old), one of her back legs is deformed and virtually unuseable, and she had a collapsing trachea. We kept her and she is a great dog.

Yes, that was 5 dogs I listed. And (don't email me when I say this) but I am not a pet person. I am not against them, I just know my limitations (and my kid's limitations) in caring for them. And we have too many dogs.

And then, Casey brought home Ringo. When he is put outside, he runs from one glass door of the sunroom to the other. Not just a couple of times. The whole time he is outside!!! Whining. And he stands against the door on his hind legs, resting his muddy paws on the glass. I quit trying to clean the doors a long time ago. He can almost get the door handle down with his mouth. Thank goodness the doors open out. Casey plays with him and gives him lots of attention. It is NOT for a lack of attention. He is a freak!

And Ringo was his name-o.


Ruth D~ said...

What a riot. He had to be lovable, annoying but lovable.

Madirakshi said...

My daughter keeps bugging me to get her a dog... if any of those is reeeeeeeeally laid back, I could take one off your hands. ;-)

Tere said...

That might be a possibility. If I can get to one of the meetups soon, we can chat about it.