Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Truth About Christmas Photos

My kids are at the age that we have to "schedule" our holiday photo. Both work, Casey is still in school and Zack has moved out on his own. But they humor me and we work it out. We "scheduled" Sunday night as THE night. We took so many photos and there was something wrong with every one. One of us was turned funny, one had a fake smile, you know what I mean. So then one of the kids started making faces on purpose. The other joined in. Then it got silly. I finally stepped back and just clicked the shutter. It started with this:

Then it got really weird and turned into this:

Then I joined in and it got less violent but still cheesy:

While this is not our final photo that friends and family will see (unless they read my blog!), it was great fun and it reminded me that it's not about the way we were dressed, the camera settings, the composition or the lighting . . . it's about having fun. And we really had fun.