Friday, December 7, 2007

She Is Redeemed!!!

First, you have to read the post below. Casey called a few minutes ago. She asked what I was doing. I said "Eating my special lunch" in a mildly sarcastic manner. So then it went something like this:

Her: I just wanted to tell you thank you.
Me: For what?
Her: My lunch.
Me: Oh.
Her: All my friends think it's cool. I said "My mom loves me!". She made this all in a heart theme and everything. Nat Nat loves the carrots. I just wanted to tell you thank you.
Me: Dang it! (I really said the other word) I have to go back to my blog and update it 'cause I already talked bad about you. Now I have to make sure everyone knows how nice you really are.

So everyone, she really is sweet and grateful. And I feel better. Okay, I will try again on Monday.


calimountainmama said...

That a girrrrrl....

Ruth D~ said...

Awwww . . . mother's and daughters. She sounds like mine (although I'm not the making fancy lunch kind of mother). How old is she?

Tere said...

Ruth D - she is a senior and 18. Growing up way too fast for me.

Ruth D~ said...

Of course. Sounds like the age. Mine is 24. Or is she 23? Love her, as you do yours.

Chip Cunningham said...

Perhaps she was afraid by the psychological undertones of what you did....putting her heart in a plastic bag and all.