Friday, December 28, 2007

A New Year To Come

Christmas is passing, a new year is closing in. I think I am glad. This has been a year of growth for me and both of my children. Next year will be also, I'm quite sure. But this was a hard year. I hope that next year's growth opportunities are easier won.

Zack has learned so much this year. About relationships, about work, and about himself. He is stronger than he thinks. He found a job he likes and at which he is good. He ended a relationship that was never going to work and is trying on a new one. He is trying it on his own again and it looks good. He is growing up.

Casey has a new relationship after ending a long term one. They have struggled with getting to know each other's limits and personalities. They have both grown so much and it looks like they may make this long term. They are young but love is wonderful when you're young. Casey also learned a lot about consequences. She slacked off for the first two years of high school and is now paying the price. She will be transfering to another school in order to graduate on time. It has been a rude awakening but she is accepting and ready to do the hard work to catch up. Hard lessons but she is such a great kid, she is handling it well and with new found maturity.

I learned this year that I have to be true to myself. I cannot do things the way other people tell me to do them. I must do things the way they work for me and go with my gut feelings. I also learned that I have wonderful friends that are brave enough to tell me that I am not being myself. And that I should ask those brave friends for help long before I get to a breaking point.

So here's to the coming year. Easy lessons would be great. We will see how it goes.


Ruth D~ said...

This photo says it all . . . happy, confident kids. Learned the hard way, of course.