Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Am Calm

It has been a few days since I was able to post.

The garage door won't open. I pushed the button to open it, it went up a little and stopped. I tried again. Nothing was blocking the door or the motorized arm. Something was stopping the motor from completing the track. I pulled on the cord attached to the door thinking it would release the door and allow me to operate it manually. Nope, it slammed the door shut and I cannot lift it at all. It won't budge. Must call a repairman. But I have Christmas shopping to do.

I must be missing that shopping gene that most women seem to have. I hate shopping. I don't mind it if I know what I want, where to get it, how much, etc. but I am not a mall girl or one who "browses" until I find something I "need". So I try to Christmas shop with a list. I order a lot of things online. But inevitably it takes some browsing to get it done and those are the gifts that I never feel great about giving.

So this weekend I had to do shopping. It really wasn't so bad, I had just filled my weekend up with other things. I had some friends that wanted their holiday family photos taken. We set it up for Saturday. And last week I was asked to photograph a wedding. I have never, never done anything like that. But it is a situation in which I will be helping out a friend's brother and they know I have never done a wedding. I have a lot of practice to do before July. But they need their engagement pictures re-done so we agreed to meet on Sunday to shoot them by the lake.

Saturday went well. We took a lot of really cute pictures of both Robin and Matt as well as family pictures with the kids. They let me practice and I learned a lot about posing, looking for background details out of place, lighting problems, etc. that will really help me with the wedding.
The weather was supposed to be bad on Sunday and it was quite yucky - cold. windy. rain turning to snow flurries. Not an ideal day for photography. It turned out the engaged couple had a family emergency out of town and the weather wasn't really an issue for rescheduling. But that gave me the opportunity to do some research online for weddings and to set up an information sheet to use with the couple with choices of must get shots. I really want to do a good job for them.

Then the computer messed up Sunday night. I spent most of the evening trying to fix it and gave up around 11pm. I started at it again Monday morning, made some progress, but could not really get much accomplished before leaving for work. Before I left, I kicked off a diagnostic program that takes several hours to run so it would be done when I got home from work. When I arrived, Casey had restarted the computer and I had to do the whole thing over again. Worked on it until about 11, kicked off another program and went to sleep. Finally got things working this morning but I lost some photos I transferred off my camera Sunday evening. Arrgggghhh.

But I am calm. I will not let myself get stressed out over all of this. It is the holidays and although I am not terribly in the Christmas spirit, I am going to enjoy the holidays. I sat down yesterday to make a list of what I have. I'm glad I made the list. It made me realize I am farther along than I thought. So I am calm. I am choosing to enjoy myself. I will call the garage repairman later.


Muffet said...

Very nice post. I too lack the shopping gene, and I relate to the stress of having anything go wrong around the holidays,when it's almost impossible to get help.