Monday, December 10, 2007

A Downtown Stroll and My Baby Is Gone

So Zack really did it. He moved out of our house on Saturday. I have not yet seen his apartment Casey has and she says I would love it. She loves it. I hope to see it soon. It is in an old, old building downtown in the heart of The Old City. It is in kind of a scary area, down an alley, close to several bars and restaurants, one street over from the Mission of Hope Shelter. But Zack used to work in The Old City and is not naive about the need to be prepared and safe - don't leave anything in your car, don't talk to the crackheads, etc. I hope to visit soon and take pictures. And I will post them for all to see. But even though I don't see him that often now, I miss him already. Empty nest syndrome is starting.

On Sunday, Casey and I headed downtown. The main goal was to eat at The Tomato Head on Market Square. Yum, it's one of our favorites. And we love to shop downtown, especially Market Square and Gay Street areas. There's Mast General Store, funky boutiques like Earth To Old City, Abode, and Bliss. And there are plenty of opportunities for me to take pictures. This picture, and this one, and this one too, as well as this one were all taken on Market Square, some a while back, some just yesterday. The picture at left is me! It is a huge tree on Gay Street with huge reflective ornaments. I took a picture of me taking a picture. Pretty cool, huh? Casey and I walked, browsed, looked around, talked to family members on the phone, and ate yummy food at Tomato Head.

Once we got home, we took our holiday family photo. What an ordeal! But that is for tomorrow's blog. Come back then.