Sunday, November 4, 2007

Yeah, Me and Posh Spice

Posh Spice, AKA Victoria Beckham, is known for being on the leading edge of fashion. I, however, am not.

Three Ways That Posh and I are Different:

1. Her entire body would fit in one leg of my blue jeans.

2. She is married to a world class soccer star that is smokin' hot. I am a single mom with a wide open dating calendar.

3. I work for a living. Just exactly what is it that Posh does?

But I have Posh's haircut. And I have had it for a while. I didn't know I was copying Posh, it just turned out that way. Her haircut was recently named as one of the most popular haircuts today. Jenny McCarthy has joined us. Katie Holmes. Now Posh has gone a little extreme with hers lately and I am not brave enough to go there. But I am getting my hair cut nextMonday. I think I am going with bangs.

My mom used to say that when it came to me, the only thing she could ever be sure about was that each time she saw me, my hair would be different. That is so true! I have had red hair, brown with highlights, long, short, permed, and yes, at one time, I had a mullet! One time I wanted to be blond and had no money so I, being so naive or stupid or both, decided to buy the lightest blond hair color on the market and do it myself. Now, having very dark brown hair, you can probably guess what happened next. Yep, orangutan orange. Quite frightening and lesson learned.

I am pretty sure that if I didn't highlight and color my hair right now, it would be mostly gray. But I have been coloring it long enough that I don't really know. I know the gray peeps out when it is time to color but it is NOT pretty gray and I continue to cover it up. So that's what I (rather Stephanie, my stylist) will be doing on Monday. Covering up the gray and adding highlights and bangs. The bangs will be new. I gotta break away from being linked to Posh. Yeah, right!!!!


calimountainmama said...

I remember your mullet! And Zack's too! Hahahaha.

Tere said...
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