Thursday, November 22, 2007

She Found It!!!

First, you have to read the post below from Friday, November 16th. I talked about my sister being able to stumble across the flaws lurking in my house. Let me make it clear, she really, really does not go looking for them. While she was here, she read the post, we laughed about it, drank some wine, had a really good time. And we all had a great dinner. It was going well.

The neighbor kids got a football caught in the tree in my front yard. It took all of us and them but with tree climbing, a ladder and a long piece of PVC pipe, we finally got it down. While trying to help, I had the pleasure of receiving a basketball to the face - never saw it coming. It hurt for a second but gave everyone a laugh!!! You are very welcome everyone! Then Greg and the boys took off to visit the UT campus.

So later, I set out the pumpkin and pecan pies. While in the fridge, I spied a can of spray whipped cream. Hmmm, someone might like some whipped cream on their pie. What kid doesn't love spray whipped cream???? I sat it out. We sliced the pie. My nephew took a piece. My sister said "Don't you want some whipped cream?" He said "Sure". She took the top off and there it was!!! Mold growing around the spout!!!! We had almost made it through the day but she found it! Why is it always mold or mildew??? We laughed and she said "There it is, I found the flaw!" At least we got it out of the way.


Mickey said...

You crack me up!!! We had a great time. Thanks for being so good to all of us. Love ya,