Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Favorite Kinda Day

I love the weekend after Thanksgiving for 3 reasons:

Rivalry Football

I am not shopping girl. I will reiterate that I hate the mall. Not just our local malls but any mall. I am not shopping this Saturday. I am watching football.

I love college football, especially SEC football. I am football girl. I watch by myself. Kinda weird when I yell at the TV but who's gonna hear? I pile up in the sunroom with blankets and the remote. The weekend after Thanksgiving is always the weekend of college rivalries . . . Georgia/Georgia Tech, Florida/Florida State, Tennessee/Kentucky, and arguably the biggest rival in college football - The Iron Bowl - Alabama/Auburn. Now everyone thinks the rivalry in their state is the biggest one. I live in Tennessee and Kentucky is a rival but no longer the biggest rival the Vols have. Still, it was an exciting game today - 4 overtimes, Tennessee narrowly won by 2 little points. But I lived the Iron Bowl for 16 years while living in Alabama. I have seen it damage family relationships and friendships. I know women that would not date a man because he was a fan of the rival team. I have seen work colleagues that would not speak for days after a game. And I have seen some pretty funny pranks. Coaches of these teams have had winning seasons and lost their jobs because they have not won against the rival. It is crazy!!! But I have been waiting all day for it to start and I am watching the game with one eye as I write this.

I also love leftovers. I would rather eat Thanksgiving leftovers than Thanksgiving dinner. There is something about taking the turkey, dicing it up (Who am I kidding? I tear it with my fingers!) and dropping it into reheated mashed potatoes, adding a little gravy and stirring it all together. It is comfort food to the max. Sometimes I drop in a few peas. Yummmm. I enjoyed that today too.

So that has been my day. Football, leftovers, and lazy. My favorite kinda day!