Monday, November 5, 2007

It's My Feet Again

I love this picture. I also like to take pictures of my feet. It's easy, it's weird, and it's a different way to take a self-portrait. And my shoes say something about me and my personality. These shoes are new - got them on Saturday and I love them! They are totally me.

So, I also love Flickr. For the uninitiated, Flickr is a photo sharing website. You set up an account (either a free one or pro) and then post your pictures. You can join groups, get pointers, join in on challenges, etc. It is like a MySpace for photographers. A social network of sorts. And it challenges your creativity and pushes you to improve technical skills. I have really focused on carrying my camera every day and practice, practice, practice.

As I have explored Flickr, I joined in on several groups. I love portrait photography so I joined one of the many groups related to that. I joined a local "meetup" group where once a week on Sundays, they meet and take photos or hang out. I have not joined them in a meetup but hope to soon. I joined 52 Weeks which challenges you to take a self portrait and post it each week for a year. I joined 52 Blessings which is similar to 52 Weeks except you post a photo of something for which you are thankful each week for a year.

Then I found the group Will I Ever Stop Taking Pictures Of My Feet. It is NOT a fetish group. It's just a bunch of folks like me who take photos of their feet in a creative way. Now there ARE the fetish groups out there but this is not one. And I do not belong to those groups. But I have gotten a couple of weird emails that creeped me out. And my most viewed photo on my page is the one I posted here several weeks ago of my pink and green flip flops with my hot pink toes. Freaky!

So I will keep taking pictures of my feet in a non-fetish way. And I will keep buying shoes that are fun and show my personality. And you will probably hear about them again.

Happy 18th Birthday Casey!!!