Tuesday, November 20, 2007

52 Blessings (No, Not Really 52, Just A Handful)

I belong to a group on Flickr called 52 Blessings. The idea is that we focus on that for which we are grateful and make a point to take a photo of it, at least one a week for one whole year. Then we post the photo and tell why. Kinda makes you think in a totally different way.

I spend a great deal of time focusing on what I want - life to be easier, more money, my kids to have calmness in their lives, someone to pay my bills, to be a lottery winner, to find a wonderful man, and the list goes on. I really want a lot of things. I want material things too, money being the primary material thing, but mostly I want things that make me happy and create an easier life for me and my kids.

It's not that I am ungrateful, it is human nature to want things, especially things you don't have. Our country's economy is sorta based on that. Create something people want and will buy and you can live a happier life. But we need to remember to consider those things for which we are truly grateful and appreciate them. So here are some of the things that I have remembered recently and consider blessings:
  • My Kids - as much as they frustrate me on a daily basis, I think they are two of the most uniquely wonderful humans on the planet.
  • My Job - as a single parent, I am so thankful that I have a job that I love, that provides we with an income on which I can support myself and my kids, that allows me the flexibility to be with my family when I need to be, that allows me to grow as a person.
  • My Family - I was blessed to grow up in a family that loved each other and still does today. We had problems, still do. But we were always there for each other and we always will be. My Mom was a shining example of how to parent and I only hope that one day I can be the Mom to my kids that she was to me.
  • My Home - it may be chaotic and messy. It is 25 years old and looks like the Brady Bunch house. But it is mine and I make the payments every month. And in 11 years, it will be paid for.
  • My Sunroom - I added it to the back of the house a few years ago. I love that, because our yard is full of leafy trees and the room is on the second level, it feels like you are sitting in a tree house. It is a 16x16 room and it has 10 large windows. I love the light coming in and just sitting in my huge overstuffed chairs.
  • Chocolate - yes, I love chocolate but it is not necessarily something for which I am grateful. The picture above represents an experience. My kids and I spent an afternoon at the mall. I hate the mall. But I enjoy spending time with my kids. It was not a successful shopping trip, we didn't find what we were looking for after many long, long, mall hours. But at the end of the night, just before the mall closed, we headed for Godiva. We all got something. We laughed and discussed truffles vs. chocolate dipped strawberries. It was the most fun we had all afternoon.
So these are a few of my blessings. Not 52 yet, but I will get there.