Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Did You Appreciate Most About Her?

Tere - Her patience. The fact that she made all of us feel like we were the most important thing in the world to her. That she always talked to me like I was an adult as long as I can remember, like I was her friend. As a parent, she guided me rather than telling me what to do. What a great way to learn.

Chip - That she was present every time she was present. I am still in awe at how she made me feel so acknowledged and even attended to when I was with her, or even spoke to her on the phone. I think the reason so many people loved her is that she made everyone feel that way. I can barely manage to be present enough to let my kids know that I am really "here" with them. I find life, love, work, money, stresses easy to cause me to not be my best, to not be completely "here". At Mom's service I wrote about how her eyes never looked past you, never failed to see you, I am still in awe at her ability to be so present.

Mickey - Her patience, she was non-judgemental, her determination, she was kind and loving

Andie - Her patience, strength, and unconditional love.