Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Toilet Paper Testimonial

Every time I go into a public restroom I have this conversation in my head. So I thought today, surely someone else is having the same experiences. Are You?

So first of all . . . the stalls. Who makes these things? There is barely enough room to turn around and I am sure tall people hit their knees on the door when they sit down. And yes, I am a large person but surely smaller folks than me also rest their elbow on the toilet paper because it is RIGHT there! And speaking of toilet paper, why is it the latest thing is to install a 300 pound roll of 1/2 ply paper down so low that the exit for the paper is by your ankles? And the paper is so thin, the roll is so heavy, that when you finally find the paper, as you pull, it comes off in 3 inch scraps!!!

And while we are on the subject . . . what the heck is up with the automatic flush? While you are sitting there (I am a girl, I sit) it will go off for no reason, causing you to levitate 3 inches off the toilet. But if you do the number two, it will not flush at all! You do a voodoo dance, waving your hands in front of the sensors, and the damn thing will NOT go. Do you leave and leave the number two? Do you take the chance that the motion of opening the door will trigger the flusher? Sometimes there is a little button you can push, sometimes not. Can we please just have the flusher back???????????????????????????????