Sunday, October 28, 2007

They Are My Favorites

I love my shiny, pink Chucks!

They are not new, I have had them for more than a year. They are "me".

If I could dress however I wanted everyday, I would wear either jeans or yoga pants, a fun shirt (never tucked in), and fun shoes. My Chucks fall into the fun shoes category.

I love shoes and I love shoes that are different. I have those boring black and brown work type of shoes - pumps, boots, etc. - but every now and then I let the real me come out and wear my fun shoes.

For the last 3 summers, it was these:

Love my pink and green girly flip flops with bling. They are just about worn out now but I am still holding on to them.

I try to be practical. That's why I have those boring work shoes. But, I am quite embarrassed to say, I have way too many of those too. I can't stop!

I think the problem lies in the fact that big girls have a hard time finding cute clothes. But big girls can shop for shoes like anyone else!