Saturday, October 20, 2007

Knoxville Race for the Cure

Race Day! We arrived at 7am in the dark. We browsed and checked out the freebies, in the dark. Panera's cherry pink ribbon bagels were wonderful! The three of us, Robin, Casey and your's truly, repeatedly debated just how far is 5K??? How long was that going to take us? I think all three of us were just waiting for one of the others to suggest just hanging out in the park until that walk/race thing was over. But then we went to find the "In Memory Of" and "In Celebration Of" cards. I had to fight back tears as I wrote my Mom's name on the card. I had done so well and didn't think I was going to cry but here it came. I turned away and blinked a lot. Then Casey wrote "Mamaw" on hers and I started again. I, ummm, went to get some more pins, yeah, that's what I was doing. No one else was crying!!!!!! But that's me, I am a crybaby. There was no way I wasn't doing the race!

So we did the 5K walk. Has anyone suggested putting port-a-potties along the route? They give you bottles of water and free coffee . . . does no one have to "use the facilities" after that? Of all the things to keep me going in this race . . . the need to find a port-a-potty was the strongest force, urging me on to the finish line.

I really wanted to thank all of those that donated. I raised $1087 and was quite overwhelmed and humbled by the whole process. I loathe asking people for money. I don't do "home parties" or volunteer for fundraising. But this cause is one I am passionate about. I will write about all the reasons one day but for now, it's because of my beloved Mom. So I signed up, and set my goal. Being a first timer, I set what I thought was an ambitious goal - $500. I sent out emails and waited. Within a week, I was quite overwhelmed by my wonderful friends and I raised my goal to $700. When I hit the $1000 mark, I was so humbled. And those that did not donate but sent words of encouragement have no idea how much it meant to me. The whole experience has been overwhelming.

So next year, I will be back. I will be ready for the hills. And I will find the port-a-potty before we start.

So here are the names of the people on my race card:

In Memory Of
Annette Cunningham - My Mom, she died Sept. 10, 2005
Carol Craddock - My friend Mich's aunt
Diane Londagin - My sister Andie's friend's mother
Cindy Lundeen - My sister Andie's friend's mother

In Celebration Of
Aleta - my friend Reni's friend


calimountainmama said...

THANK YOU!!!!! I'm very proud of you, and could not ever think for a moment that you WOULDN'T have cried. Don't kid yourself.

chipster said...

Are you kidding, I cried just reading about you crying. Chicks, all of us.