Thursday, October 18, 2007

It was a long drive

Went to Nashville today to work, found out I am becoming addicted to my XM radio. It's The Broads, I tell ya! Broadminded, channel 155. They crack me up and I actually laugh out loud in my car like a big ole goofball. I so want to be on that show! I find myself flipping between channels 155 and 156 which is Oprah and Friends. I am SUCH a girl, I know. And I really think that someone should take Dr. Laura, tie her to a chair with a phone taped to her ear and give her some of her own medicine - cruel and unusual punishment, yes. But she does it to people every day! And they keep calling in! And dummies like me keep listening. I have all but ceased listening to music. Not completely true, I have my Ipod with over 2500 songs hooked up in the car but I rarely listen to music on the radio. And it is not because I don't like the new music. My favorite music is new - you will not catch me listening to classic rock. I am NOT stuck in the 70's or 80's. C'mon people, leave the music with the mullets! I like to hear a good classic rock song every now and then but who wants a whole channel or station where that is all they play. Move on! So it really was a long drive but I am home. And I really think I need some sleep.