Saturday, October 27, 2007

If Mom Could Have Waved Her Magic Wand

If Mom could have waved her magic wand (or rolled her magic bones and burned her magic hair) what one gift would she have given you?

Tere - That whole "not expecting perfection" thing is still hard for me. I have enough of dad's genes that I can be critical of people and harsh sometimes. I usually recognize it, feel guilty and then try to apologize. I think Mom's gift would be that I didn't do things for which I would need to apologize.

- I am certain she would have given me the belief in myself that she had in me. I have no doubt that if she could have placed her hand on my heart and let me see myself the way she and God see me, that would have been all she needed to give.

- Happiness – she just wanted everyone to be happy.

- Inner peace. She really tried.