Thursday, October 25, 2007

Describe The Person She Was As If I Were A Stranger

Tere - Without sounding too much like a pollyanna, she was the perfect parent. She was supportive but not smothering, she was encouraging but not controlling, she was loving but not needy, she was involved but not hovering, she was strict but also fun. She was not the cool Mom in the neighborhood that made everyone want to hang out at our house. She kind of hung back, listened and watched, but was there if we needed her. Mom never NEEDED to be the center of attention. She wasn't ha, ha funny, couldn't really even tell a joke, but she would come out with some of the funniest statements that you never expected her to make and she could be silly. She never threw her knowledge out there but she was one of the most learned and intelligent people on the planet. She was quietly confident in the way that people who know they have "it" don't need to tell you they have "it". She never let anything stop her. If it was broken, she fixed it. If she wanted to go to Egypt to meditate in the pyramids and no one wanted to go with her, she went to Egypt by herself. When she asked her father to help her get a loan to finish college, he told her that she had a husband and two little babies and she needed to give up on finishing college. She stood up, she went out and got a loan by herself and went back to school. She finished and later, while working and pregnant with her 4th child, got her masters degree. She never wasted anything, least of all food. She had just the right size container for every leftover. She either ate the leftovers or made them into something else. And she scraped every drop out of a bowl or jar with a spatula. She balanced her checkbook to the penny and would search for a week if it was off by even a penny! She was the most patient human being with others that I have ever seen. But don't think you could walk over her. People that mistook her patience for timidity soon found out that in her very quiet, loving way, they would be put in their place. I think Mom was underestimated by many people but once they knew her she was so admired and loved. I could go on and on but I won't.

Chip - Tere really summed this up so well in my mind that it is hard to say much here but I will try. I have always said that my Mother is the most spiritual person I have ever known or known of. She is not religious at all, but she is what I could only hope to strive for when it comes to living Spiritualy. She didn't radiate some white light that made you want to follow her, but you knew she was a really neat Lady. She never ever ever seemed like she thought she was better than anyone else in the whole world, and what was really cool was that she really was never "impressed" by people that the world taught us we should be impressed with. Confidence isn't the right word because it ends up suggesting arrogence or dominance. She was just so at peace that she made you know that she was at peace and loving. She was love that lived in the background and all around you without having to let you know that she was there giving you that.

Mickey - My Mom was incredibly patient, always wanted everyone pleased, never wanted to offend, she loved to explore and learn, she was an amazing cook. Her love languages were acts of service and gift-giving, she loved cookbooks and was all about happiness. Traveling thrilled her. She had a beautiful smile. She was determined to make things work. She loved every person she met.

Andie - Kind, non-judgemental, calm, confident, patient, caring, loving, fun and stubborn.